Contactless Cards
An easier way to get what you need. Simply tap-and-go.
How to activate your contactless card:
Once you have received your NEW contactless card and PIN mailer, follow these steps:
  • Call our iTalk banking line at 1-844-218-5501, as shown on the new card sticker
  • Let the entire message play out before entering your menu selection
  • Press 4 for Card Services
  • Press 1 for the Card Activation Cue
  • Enter your new card number
  • Confirm the last 4 digits of your card number and press 1
  • Enter your full Social Security Number 
Once these steps are complete, you will hear a message confirming the successful activation of our new contactless card. 

Enjoy this new secure and efficient way to access your CNB Bank accounts.

How to pay with a contactless card 

Why Contactless?
The contactless feature only takes seconds to process. You can't pay accidentally and you won't be billed twice - even if you accidentally tap twice

When it's time to pay, hold your card within a few inches of the terminal, near the contactless symbol. (Actual tapping is optional)

Similar to a chip card, contactless payment transactions use a one-time security code that's unique to that transaction. This protects your payment information from being used for future unauthorized purchases.