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Personal Checking

When you need options, we're right here.

With a variety of personal checking accounts, CNB Bank offers an array of options for managing your money, backed by the expertise of our banking specialists.  
Did you know you can open a checking account from the comfort of your own home?
Account Type Minimum Opening Deposit Monthly Service Charge # of Checks per Statement Interest Bearing Available for Online Account Opening
Kasasa Cash® $50 None Unlimited Yes Yes
Kasasa Cash Back® $50 None Unlimited. No Yes
No Minimum Balance Freedom Checking $50 None Unlimited No Yes
Now Account $500 Balance below $500.00 - $7.50 Unlimited Yes No
Ultimate Invest Personal Account $10,000.00 Balance below $25,000.00 - $25.00 3 transactions per statement cycle Yes
(when $10,000.00 balance maintained)
Hi-Fi Money Market $1000.00 Balance below $1,000.00 - $10.00 6 transactions per statement cycle