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Enabling Text Alerts

Text Alerts Now Available!

As an added security feature and to help you better manage your accounts, we are now offering text alerts. You can receive alerts for account transfers, account balances, presented checks, and more. Just follow the steps below or call us with questions at 888-258-1520.
1. Log into NetTeller/Net 24
2. Select the Options tab, then click on the Personal tab. Enter your 10-digit Mobile Phone Number and select your Wireless Provider Address from the Carrier Search option, then click Submit at the bottom of the page.

3. After you click submit, the page will now display an Alert Address of your mobile number @ carrier. 

4. Staying on the Options tab, hover over Alerts and click on Events to select the Alert Type (Email, Login, Text) for the alert descriptions you desire.
5. Choose how you would like the alert to be delivered. When finished selection, click Submit
6. Verify your information and click Accept. Once you click accept, you will receive an email (Text Address Change Notification) from support@cnb.bank.

7. You can also set up Balance, Item and Personal Alerts as desired in the same manner.