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How health and wealth are connected

How health and wealth are connected

At CNB Bank, we make the connection between health and wealth.  Did you know there are direct correlations between physical health and financial wealth, such as reduced stress and anxiety and reduced healthcare costs?  Our vision is for our work to lead to financially healthy communities and part of that includes helping you make that connection. 
Whether you are an exercise fanatic or the occasional jogger, we can all agree exercising is beneficial to our health.  We know getting your 10,000 steps in and limiting processed foods is recommended but we may not truly be aware of the overall benefits to our well-being. 

Research suggests that regardless of your weight, if you are not physically active, you are likely going to miss out on healthcare savings and employer benefits.  Many employers have Wellness Initiatives in place to get you moving and some may offer incentives when you meet certain fitness goals.  CNB Bank offers its employees gym membership reimbursements to encourage them to stay active and an incentive for getting their steps in each day.

Speaking of workplace benefits, people who exercise regularly are found to be more productive at work.   Regular exercise can help to boost your energy level, increase mental clarity, improve stamina throughout the day, and reduce missed workdays.  If those benefits aren’t enough, a study published by the Journal of Labor Research found that men and women who exercise regularly earn a higher salary than those who don’t. 

Let us take a look at your unique financial situation.  Our mission is to ‘stimulate the success of our employees, customers, shareholders, and communities’.  We pride ourselves on being able to customize a solution for each client and we’d love to talk to you about your financial health.  We’re right here.