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Providing customized solutions

How our mortgage team provides customized solutions 

At CNB Bank, our vision is for our work to lead to financially healthy communities and part of that includes helping you to improve your financial health.  Whether it’s a new home or a new investment, we work with neighbors and friends in our communities to provide them quick and easy access to the financial solutions they desire. 

Mortgage rates have been at historic lows and many of you have already taken advantage by refinancing your home loan.  Below is a story from Matthew Duggan, our Assistant Vice President / Residential Lender.  Our Mortgage Team, led by John Menard, Senior Vice President / Residential Lending, will work with you to provide a customized financial solution to meet your unique, individual situation.

‘Recently I had the opportunity to complete a rate and term refinance for a colleague of mine.  He contacted me looking to refinance his 30-year mortgage of which he was ten years into.  After some calculations, we determined a refinance was his best option.  We were ale to get him into a 15-year mortgage, with a payment comparable to his current mortgage, while saving him over five years of payments.  Including the cost of the refinance, his total savings was over $96,000.  He was so pleased with the process and the results, he sent us three referrals and we were able to help all three in very similar fashions.  After their refinance, one of our new clients came back for a home equity loan so they could complete some home improvement projects.’

CNB Bank’s mission is to ‘Stimulate the success of our employees, customers, shareholders, and communities.'  Are you considering a refinance or home equity loan?  Let our team at CNB Bank take a look at your individual situation.  Your financial health depends on it.  We’re right here.